Tuesday, January 10, 2012

keep being AWESOME!

on my last blog, my bro-in-law made a comment about this picture from 
the passive-agressive notes day calendar i got him for Christmas.

  it so happens, that this is one of my favorite passive-agressive notes of all time!

in the spirit of his new mantra for 2012 (keep being AWESOME!) 
i followed suit, and made an awesome dinner tonight!

steamed, lightly salted brussels sprouts and a cajun-spiced, wild salmon filet.

i've been trying (again, i know) to eat more vegetables and when i was getting some brussels sprouts on the frozen aisle, i was trying to think of what i could get to eat with them.  as a single person, cooking is weird sometimes.  i don't mind making soup, chili, or casserole and eating it all week long, but i've never been good at/known how to make several things like a main dish and sides all at the same time.  plus, it seems like a lot of work for one person as well.  i thought about chicken, but it's always limp in the microwave and takes forever in the toaster oven.  then, i came across the fish.  turns out you can buy 4 wild caught salmon filets for less than $5.00!  it said to bake it in an oiled baking dish and season.  i didn't know what to season it with (i have lemon juice, but that seemed boring, so i shook on some cajun seasoning i found in the cabinet when i cleaned out my spices).  after i took the picture, i realized that the fish was not done, so i put it back in the toaster oven while i ate my brussels sprouts.  i had cooked it the maximum time, but maybe next time i'll turn it up to 400, cook it a smidge longer, and turn it over halfway through the cooking time.  i thought after that maybe i should've thawed it first, but after it was done, it was so moist and i think that might have been because it was frozen(?) so i'll do a little trial and error to see what happens.  maybe next time i'll try lemon pepper.

for some people making that dinner would seem like no big deal.  for me it is just another small victory in this season of my growing and changing.  i'm still fat, but i'm working on changing the insides first.  although eating cookies while changing might not help.  but man, they're delicious.  i found some more of my german cookies at big lots in pittsburg.  yum!

remember, keep being AWESOME!


  1. brussels sprouts are a personal fave, though an infrequent indulgence due to the requirement of a 24 hour buffer between consumption and being in public. Also, I tried out the KBA inspiration with my co-workers this week to a muted response, which I took to mean, "of course, Rod, and you too." KBA, sis-in-law... KBA