Saturday, February 18, 2012

belated valentine's a to z

valentine's day sucked.  not because i'm single, but oslo was sick on monday.  we had to make an emergency vet trip, and i spent my entire monday snow day worrying about him while he slept off the anti-emetic/tranquilizer.  tuesday (valentine's day) i was back to work and weepy, thinking he wouldn't be ok and i would have to put him down.  i won't bore you with all the details, but he's diabetic, which is controlled by diet, and it appeared to be high blood sugar which made him vomit so many times.

now, it's saturday morning (although, now that i see the clock, it's soon to be saturday afternoon), and i'm catching up on blog feeds.  sitting in bed under the t-shirt quilt, with a sleeping kitteh at my side, watching a house marathon on oxygen, and drinking coffee.

sometimes sweet included saturated canary's a to z love post in her weekend links, and i thought it would be fun to do the same.  i only really glanced over the post, because i didn't want to (subconsciously or otherwise) steal any of her answers.  if any of my answers are the same, it's purely coincidental.  turns out, i have so much love to give...

the things i love:

Animals.  i love animals.  i'm not a bleeding heart or anything, i love to eat bloody steak, but i just stinkin' love animals.  i love to photograph them, touch them, talk to them, and anthropomorphize them.  and not even just cute animals.  i love to look at furry spiders and porcupines and hippopotamuses.
Breakfast.  i love eating a big, usually healthy, delicious breakfast.  gets me going for the day.  sometimes i enjoy breakfast for dinner.  on weekdays i eat old fashioned oats with splenda, a glass of skim milk, scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, and a mug of french pressed starbucks coffee with sugar-free hazelnut creamer.  on weekends, i like to bake muffins or rolls, or 7-grain belgian waffles by themselves or with peanut butter and sugar-free syrup.
Celebrity obsessions.  yes, i'm prone to obsessing over men.  celebrities work the best because i can watch them on tv, follow them on twitter, and it doesn't matter if we have anything in common, if they're single, or even if they're gay. it's a completely made-up romance.  like a romance novel minus the stupid names and stupid plots and plus pictures.  my current celebsession (yes, i just made that up) is adam levine.  see also: jeff probst, jesse spencer, adam lambert, all three guys from new girl, james roday, ryan gosling, and so many more...
Diet soda.  they say diet soda makes you eat more.  they even say it causes strokes or heart attacks, which is a completely ridiculous correlation since the people who drink diet soda are generally the type of people who are pre-disposed to strokes or heart attacks since they are fat and whatnot.  regardless of anything, i love it.  it's cold, fizzy and full of caffeine.  every now and again, i crave an actual coke, but usually regular sodas are too sugary for me.  i love the sharp taste of coke zero, but have recently developed a taste for diet dr. pepper.  i prefer to drink it from cans (metal is a better conductor), and it's always fizzy when you open a brand new can.
Etymology and linguistics.  i'm fascinated by meanings of words, meanings of names, how languages have changed and grown and continue to do so.  in college, for my english degree, we were required to take either intro to linguistics or history of the english language (often referred to as HEL[L]).  i took both, and loved them.
Friends.  i have so many amazing friends that both meet my needs and allow me to meet theirs.  we laugh, we cry, and everything in between.  i have friends i'm related to, friends at work, friends who knit, friends who nerd out with me, friends from high school, friends from college, friends who were once boyfriends, friends who live near, and friends who live far.  i'm so lucky.
Garage sales.  i've been garage saling with my dad since i was younger, but now that i'm an adult, i love to do it the most.  it's about the thrill of the hunt, and we both hunt for similar things, so it works well.  he drives and i navigate, which isn't always successful, but it works.  we both hunt for books and music and i hunt for crafty things while he digs through records looking for cheap 60s and 70s rock 'n roll.  i have a sushi clock hanging above my kitchen sink that i got for a dollar.  as much as i love the winter (which we haven't really had this year) i always start getting antsy for garage sale season.  you know i love it when i give up sleeping in on saturday mornings.  i also had tons of fun with my sister in kansas city last spring going to estate sales.  so much cool stuff; we plan to go again this year.
Herb and vegetable gardening.  my boss always loved gardening and i NEVER understood it.  it seemed so boring and stupid.  then last year, my mom helped me get a tiny herb garden set up on my patio.  i killed a few plants--cilantro and thai basil, but i managed to grow the heck out of sweet basil and some chili peppers.  the basil plants were already leafed out and they just got bigger, but when the first buds of chili peppers started to grow, i was so excited!  i couldn't believe i had grown a food!  this year, i'm going to try tomatoes!  wish me luck!
Ink pens.  my current favorite is a black bic velocity that i use at work.  it has a bold, wide tip and writes incredibly smoothly.  i like the new papermate inkjoy ones ok too.  i generally prefer blue as it stands out the most without seeming juvenile like a pink or purple.  i also really like the cheap pens that the library store sends us when we order stuff.
Joking.  i love my sense of humor and i love to laugh.  when i'm having a bad day (and i don't want to wallow in it), i make myself watch psych or new girl or the movie date night, because laughter really can cure what ails me.
Knitting.  i love yarns and needles and cables and creating a new, pretty thing.  i love making personalized gifts for friends and family.  i love dreaming about having the attention span to create something bigger than a hat.
Lists.  i love making lists, reading lists, reading books about puts everything in order.
Makeup.  growing up i was a tomboy.  my current outfit of choice is t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. but...i love makeup.  i love foundation covering my flaws, i love pretty eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras that make my green eyes pop!  i love lip balms, lipsticks, and everything in between.  i love finding name brand makeup at discount and dollar stores.  i get excited when department store makeups offer free gifts with purchases.  if anyone had told me i'd ever be like this, i would've probably laughed at them.  and yet, here i am.
Nonfiction books.  i love recipe books, knitting books, travel books, photography books, and on and on.  last night i was reading a book that is a visual guide of all of the elements.  did you know that the most stable form of florine (used for toothpaste) is teflon?  did you know that helium comes from the ground after radioactive decay?  i love to learn!
Oslo is the name of my cat.  i call him a kitteh, but he's been with me for almost ten years, and he's my partner in crime.  i've had him since he was 4 weeks old and could fit in the palm of my hand.  he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 23 lbs, and now he's at about 10 and a half pounds and doing well with a strict feeding regimen.  he's always excited to see me when i come home-or hungry, and he loves to cuddle with me at night.  recently he's taken up crawling on my chest while i'm sitting in bed.  it makes it harder to use my laptop that way, but i can't resist a warm, gentle kitteh.
Peanut butter.  i feel about peanut butter the opposite way that sam's friend felt about green eggs and ham.  i'll eat it on a spoon, on an apple, on cookies, in cookies, with celery, on chocolate, in chocolate, in white chocolate, on waffles, on crackers, and on and on.  i looooooove peanut butter.
Quilts made of old t-shirts.  in case you didn't know, my sister made me a t-shirt quilt last year, and i love it so much.  warm, soft, comfy, and perfect.
Roller coasters.  when i was younger i was terrified of them.  then i conquered my fear.  i still get nervous when i try one for the first time, and i have to take a dramamine to keep my stomach in the right place, but i love them.  the adrenaline high is addictive.  my favorite one is the mamba at worlds of fun in kansas city.  it goes like 77 mph and has a 2 or 3 hundred foot drop.
Sleeping.  i'm tired all the time.  i love naps and sleeping and dozing.  sometimes i skip dinner in favor of an after work nap.
Tv shows.  many people think that watching tv is a waste of time, that tv is stupid.  i, however, find it to be just as valid of an entertainment form as movies or books.  i fail to see the difference.  some of it's learning, some of it's escapism, some of it's living vicariously, some of it's laughing.
Underwear.  if i hate uncomfortable underwear, then i must love comfortable underwear.  i like cotton briefs, preferably cacique.  as with most things, i prefer functionality over form.
Vintage/retro furnishings.  i love pieces from the 60s and 70s, and although i have an apartment and no budget, someday i hope to have a home filled with eclectic pieces that make so little sense that they make sense.
Wine.  i don't drink very much because i have an addictive personality, if i go out i'm always driving, it's expensive, and has calories.  also, i used to not like wine because it was all too dry for me.  then i discovered moscato.  it's a sweet dessert wine, and even the $4.99 bottle from aldi's is delicious.  i enjoy a glass now and again in the evening.
X-factor, the voice, and american idol.  i heart musical reality shows.  aaand i couldn't think of anything else that started with x.
Yeti!  i started using this word every time my sister and i played online scrabble and it became a thing with us.  i even got her a pair of yeti socks for Christmas and i have a yeti pinterest board.
Zooey deschanel.  i feel like they wasted her talent with some stupid skits when she hosted snl recently, but she's really funny.  and i loooooove new girl.

well, this took me longer than i expected since i kept getting distracted with other things, so now it's late afternoon/almost evening.  looking forward to going out this evening, but hoping i'm not the third wheel...

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  1. I loved reading this ... it made me smile, and laugh, and miss you ... you are an amazing person ... lvoe you always.